ELASTIderm® Eye Products


For firmer, more resilient-looking eyes, refresh your skin's appearance with ELASTIderm Eye Products formulated with clinically proven ingredients.

Revitalize With Resilience

ELASTIderm Eye Cream is clinically proven to bring back resilience1†:

97% of patients considered the roughness/crepey texture of the skin around their eyes to be barely or not noticeable
88% of patients considered the laxity/looseness of the skin around their eyes to be barely or not noticeable
78% of patients considered the overall appearance of the skin around their eyes to be excellent, very good, or good

Patient Satisfaction for ELASTIderm Eye Serum

Here’s what a majority of users had to say2‡:

Preferred—Considered the Serum better or much better than the product they usually used

Satisfied—Felt the Serum met or exceeded expectations

†Study results for ELASTIderm Eye Cream; N=32.
‡Study results for ELASTIderm Eye Serum; N=23.

References: 1. Miller TF, Batra RS, Ramirez J. Evaluation of the effect of a novel bi-mineral complex on photoexposed periorbital skin [poster]. OMP, Inc. Data on file. 2. Consumer panel results. Study included 23 subjects using ELASTIderm Serum. OMP, Inc. Data on file.

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