Contact Lenses



Primary Examination

Prior to a contact lens examination, it is important to have a complete primary vision and eye health examination.

Whether it is glasses, contact lenses, LASIK surgery or cataract surgery, a thorough eye examination is an important first step. All of these options plus others can be looked at during this examination.


Contact Lens Examination

We strive to provide all contact lens wearers with a contact lens that will provide great comfort and clear vision. In order to do this, a contact lens evaluation must be performed each year. This includes evaluating the health of the eyes paying close attention to the cornea, eyelids, and conjunctiva, and determining the appropriate contact lens prescription and curvature.

Such factors as age, occupation, hobbies, eye health, physical health, dexterity, and sports are all important considerations when determining the best type of contact lenses. Lens complexity plays an important role, as well. The need for bifocals, astigmatism or specialty contact lenses must be considered.


Special Contact Lens Tests

Next, special tests that are specific to contact lens wear are provided. Measuring the shape and contour of your corneas are obvious needs, but in addition we need to look at tear production and tear quality as well.



Insertion and Removal Training

Putting a contact lens in your eye for the first time can be challenging. We provide training to help you become comfortable with this process.



Trial Period

Finally, we provide a trial period to see if contact lenses are really the best solution for your visual needs. For some of our patients, contact lenses provide the best vision every day, all day. For others, contact lenses are useful for only specific activities. All of these considerations are discussed.

In the final analysis, our greatest concern is for the health of your eyes. A safe wearing schedule and lens hygiene issues are outlined.


Special Use Contacts

Today, we have a large range of contact lenses to fit almost any patient. We provide a full array of contact lenses for specialized needs:

• Bifocal Contact Lenses

• Monovision Contact Lenses

• Astigmatism Contact Lenses

• Sports Contact Lenses

• Keratoconus Treatment

• Pediatric Contact Lenses


Colored Contact Lenses

Colored contact lenses can change the iris color. The cosmetic options range from a subtle iris color change to a striking and dramatic effect.

Ask about color-enhancing lenses. They are like mascara for your iris!

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